• Hotting up with Esse

    Hotting up with Esse

    ESSE has been granted another patent for its industry-leading stove technology; this time for the innovative ‘surround heat’ system used on the company’s electric range cooker models. ESSE’s electric cookers benefit from elements that ‘wrap around’ each oven for completely even temperatures. These surround elements have been recognised as completely unique and granted ‘patented’ status

  • Uban Front door selection

    Uban Front door selection

    With a wide choice of front, internal and garage doors to choose from, Urban Front offers high performance, functional style and design superiority. The front doors are available as E80 hinged, E80 pivot and E98 Passiv with Uvalues as low as 0.89UV with steel reinforcement for stability, 5point locking as standard for security and double

  • Post-impressionist inspiration from I Tesori

    Post-impressionist inspiration from I Tesori

    I Tesori introduces Custom Styling as part of its portfolio. The company’s latest creation from this division is a 280mm diameter centre door knob, inspired by post impressionism art movement, I Tesori have fashioned this exemplary piece that denotes quality from the first impression. With the Custom Styling Division iTesori can satisfy every demand for

  • Qualities of bamboo

    Qualities of bamboo

    paolo.interiors, the specialist architectural materials consultancy, introduce Floorbamboo® to the UK, as part of their on-going search for new and innovative materials. Celebrated for its enduring and sustainable properties, bamboo flooring is an increasingly popular choice for sustainability-conscious projects and clients. The ancient bamboo plant, often referred to as ‘nature’s steel’, is a symbol of

  • Statement flooring from Atkinson & Kirby

    Statement flooring from Atkinson & Kirby

    Jennifer Bateman, Marketing Executive at Atkinson & Kirby highlights the key styles we can expect to see this year in the flooring market. When it comes to 2017 style trend choices, parquet flooring is very much on the top of the agenda. With its use of block patterns and different finishes, it can create an

  • Kährs to celebrate anniversary with new launch at CDW 2017

    Kährs to celebrate anniversary with new launch at CDW 2017

    Kährs will be celebrating its 160th anniversary during CDW 2017, with the launch of its new Götaland wood floor collection. Joining the event for the first time this year, Kährs will be opening its doors to its new Design Studio situated at 5 Albemarle Way, just off Clerkenwell Road. Visitors will receive a warm welcome

  • Brightgreen joins the RIDI family

    Brightgreen joins the RIDI family

    The RIDI Group has announced that it has signed an exclusive deal with Brightgreen to distribute the Australian LED specialist’s lighting solutions in the UK. Brightgreen utilises the latest LED technology combined with forward-thinking product design to create beautiful, high quality lighting solutions for high end residential and hospitality applications. Brightgreen is a young, energetic

  • A twist on a classic

    A twist on a classic

    Whitehead’s latest new addition to its upholstery collection is the Mayfair, a twist on the classic Chesterfield, featuring contemporary lines and interesting detail. This gorgeous sofa is another example of Whitehead’s emphasis on comfort, style and quality. Family owned and run, Whitehead produces a range of luxury upholstered furniture including sofas, occasional chairs and bedroom

  • Woven wonder

    Woven wonder

    Vincent Sheppard has been designing and manufacturing indoor and outdoor furniture with exceptional seating comfort since 1992. The company is a worldwide market leader in ‘Lloyd Loom’ furniture, a technique where Kraft paper is twisted around a metal wire and woven into unique furniture pieces. Today, Vincent Sheppard furniture is exported to more than 40